Barcelona News: Xavi has come up with a new ‘Rotational Plan’ for his team

With 13 points, they are only two points behind Real Madrid and look like serious contenders for the title so far this season. Xavi has been a big part of their success. He has been able to put together different plans and make Barcelona much more flexible.

The report says that Xavi told everyone on the team about his plan to switch players around at the beginning of the season. He wanted to do it so that no one got tired in camp and everyone was happy with how much game time they got overall.

Before the season started, Xavi told the players in the locker room, “You’re all going to be in the rotations, and everyone will get a break.”

Almost all of the players, including stars like Robert Lewandowski, Jules Kounde, Pedri, and Ronald Araujo, were promised to be part of Xavi’s rotation plan.

A month into the new season, Xavi has done what he said he would do: he has given all of them at least one day off in the last four weeks.

Others, though, have criticized his strategy because players like Ferran Torres and Memphis Depay haven’t gotten much playing time yet.

Still, no Barcelona player has complained about Xavi’s plan to switch players around. The coach should stick to his plan until he has a reliable starting eleven and his first-team players have reached a certain level of fitness.

Barcelona lost 2-0 to Bayern Munich on Tuesday in a Champions League game that coach Xavi Hernandez said his team “dominated” but still lost because they didn’t take advantage of its chances.

Bayern scored twice against the flow of play in just four minutes to move to the top of Group C, three points ahead of Barca in second place.

Barcelona had more of the ball than Bayern and had 18 more shots than the German team.

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