Mario Ferri: The Pitch Invader Was Was Released Released With No Consequences in the FIFA World Cup 2022

Mario Ferri: According to the BBC, the protester who disrupted Portugal’s 2-0 victory against Uruguay at the FIFA World Cup 2022 was not penalised for their actions. On Saturday, an activist from Italy named Mario Ferri ran onto the field at Lusail Stadium while wearing a T-shirt that had the phrases “Save Ukraine” and “Respect for Iranian women” embroidered on it.

Mario Ferri was protesting the Iranian government’s treatment of Iranian women. Ferri, who was also holding a rainbow flag, was briefly pursued by security before he was led off the field by security personnel. During the course of the process, he accidentally dropped the rainbow flag, which was later discovered by a referee.

According to the story, Mario Ferri was taken into custody by the authorities for a short period of time before being released. According to Qatar’s Supreme Committee, Ferri’s Hayya Card, which allowed him to enter the nation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, has been cancelled, and as a result, he is no longer eligible to attend any extra games that are being played during this championship.

“A message for Iran, where women are not respected and where I know people who suffer… According to a post that Mario Ferri made on Instagram that has since been removed, the world requires change, and we have the ability to bring about that change by cooperating with one another and doing strong, fearless, and genuine actions.

“FIFA banned captain’s armbands with the rainbow and human rights banners in the stands,” the organisation said in a statement. They barred everyone else but me—it was like Robin Hood on steroids. I delivered the people’s message. In a free society, people of all backgrounds and points of view should be acknowledged.

Mario Ferri has a history of organising rallies to achieve social action, such as the protest at the 2014 World Cup to raise attention to the suffering of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The journeyman footballer has already entered the field during World Cup events, most notably during the semifinal match between Germany and Spain in 2010. During other World Cup games, he has done the same.

Mario Ferri wore a Superman shirt with the words “Save Favelas Children” while Brazil was playing the United States in the group stage of the 2014 World Cup. The shirt was worn during Brazil’s match against the United States.

Mario Ferri has previously competed for teams from the United Arab Emirates, India, and Seychelles. Most recently, the player represented Castrel di Sangro, aside from Italy’s lower tier.

His demonstration comes after the organisers of the competition in Qatar decided to ban the wearing of One Love armbands during the first week of the event.

The rainbow-colored armband, which was to be worn by seven European teams during the World Cup, was intended to call attention to the anti-LGBTQ policies that Qatar has in place, and it was to be worn by the teams.

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